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Whether you are one of our established, valued customers or someone just starting to make inquiries, our staff will be at your service.

The services we routinely offer include:
  • Written Appraisals
  • Consultation for Appraisal
  • Cleaning
  • Repair and Restoration
  • Home Trials

In addition, our trained staff will work with you in order to ensure that your selection is compatible with your home or other place of use.

When planning the purchase of an oriental rug, one must consider a number of aspects in order to determine the quality of a specific rug. In rugs with Persian designs, the primary factors are intricacy of design, number of knots per square inch, type of knot, nature of fibers used as well as the quality of dyes. In Chinese rugs, the quality of wool, the thickness of the pile, and the clarity of the colors become important considerations. Rely on your reputable dealer to explain to you the particular features that indicate the quality of the rug you are considering.

Obviously, like a fine painting or beautiful piece of furniture, the characteristics of an oriental rug are determined by the skill and intent of those who created it. An important link between the craftsman and you, the potential owner, is the dealer. His ability and willingness to answer questions, the satisfaction he guarantees and the reputation for quality and fairness he enjoys.

It is important to realize that it is possible for two rugs to look superficially alike and yet be vastly different in real quality and, of course, price. This is one reason why reputable dealers will encourage customers to visit several stores and make comparisons among rugs and prices. In this manner, the customer will learn to recognize value and quality.

The value we offer allows us to encourage such comparison with complete confidence. Additionally, the economy of our operation and volume of business insure the best possible prices for our customers, while the diversity of our stock will satisfy every individual taste


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